Life Lately #3

A little catch up on my life lately…

Bonfire night

I’d been waiting for an excuse to wear the ridiculously furry hat that I’d picked up at the Pembrokeshire County Show, and bonfire night was the perfect occasion. We jumped on the tram to Chorlton and grabbed ourselves a spot on the green which had been surrounded by a cheery bunch of little food and drink stalls for the night. We’d already had dinner before we came out but Darren couldn’t resist a cheeky hot dog!Furry hat chorlton fireworksChildren happily whizzing sparklers around, the nip of the air on your nose, the excitement and the anticipation of waiting for that first rocket to go off…I love bonfire night. IMG_3503  Although this wasn’t the biggest of displays, it was still beautiful, and it was good fun to spend the evening out in the cool fresh air with our friends, craning our necks to the sky to marvel at the show. I find that I enjoy experiences so much more when I have other people to share them with.

We’d taken with us a flask full of a hot toddy to keep away the chills – a blend of whiskey, ginger wine and honey. I don’t normally like whiskey at all, but this was gorgeous. I’d highly recommend it – just warm about 3 or 4 shots of whiskey with about half a pint of green ginger wine and then add a good dollop of honey to sweeten it up. Mmmm.Ginger whiskey hot toddy

Misty mornings

As ever, rowing training has continued in earnest. However all training came to a halt recently when the whole city was covered in a blanket of mist. Manchester mist Beetham TowerWe can’t go out on the river when it’s too misty as there would be a real risk of us crashing into something or each other, so we had to hope that the mist would clear eventually. IMG_3586 IMG_3585I think there’s just something a little bit magical about the mist, so I couldn’t resist sharing these photos.

We (the three coxes) sent the boys off on an 8 km run, hoping that the mist would have gone by the time they got back. As the day warmed up the mist gradually lifted, and the boys arrived back from their run as sweaty messes. Inevitably their run had turned very competitive with them all sprinting back trying to out do each other. Muppets.

Non-stop cheese eating

Following the amazing Cheese & Wine Evening we went to a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been continuing our love affair with cheese, cracking it out at every possible occasion. Most people would bring beer or wine to a house party…and whilst we did bring a keg when we went to our friend Martin’s house for his birthday celebrations recently, we also brought plentiful supplies of cheese. IMG_3264GoudaAs soon as we brought out the cheeseboard, people were all over it. Birthday cheese is definitely the way to go! Who can resist?

Finding my inner artist

I always hated art at school. I just never felt that I could get my work to look perfect and that always left me with a great feeling of dissatisfaction. My whole family felt my grumpiness when I had art homework to do! I love looking at other people’s art but just hated trying to do it myself.

So when my friend Lorna suggested going to the late night opening of the Manchester Art Gallery and wanted to get involved in an art workshop, I wasn’t overly keen. However I went along, and actually really enjoyed it. The theme of the evening was tranquility and de-stressing and this really did completely relax me. A far cry from the art homework of old.Manchester art gallery 2The atrium was filled with comfy cushions, art materials and lots of little bits and bobs such as shells, leaves, feathers and pine cones as inspiration for us to start drawing.IMG_3513 IMG_3517Lorna got down to work on her more abstract piece, whilst I used a shell as my starting point.IMG_3516 IMG_3521IMG_3524 IMG_3528Before we left, I couldn’t help myself from taking a wander round a few of the halls in the gallery. I’ve been here lots of times before, but I could look at these beautiful pictures time and time again.IMG_3534IMG_3535Manchester art gallery

Geeky reads

As a biology student, The Selfish Gene was pretty much compulsory reading and I’ve continued to make my way through several of Richard Dawkins’ books over the years, enjoying his very readable style. In a bid to learn a bit more about the man behind them all, I’m currently reading An Appetite For Wonder – Dawkins’ memoirs.IMG_3289My cosy nights in recently have involved my big snuggly pink dressing gown, a scented candle gently burning, The XX’s relaxing melodies on loop and this big hardback book. Perfect down time.

I think I might go and snuggle up on the sofa with it now. Please let me know if you have any good book recommendations. I’m always looking for more things to read!

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3 Responses to Life Lately #3

  1. Sofie says:

    What a lovely post, Lucy! I love your crazy furry hat and the pictures of those misty mornings are enchanting, so beautiful. I was wondering what kind of work it is you do? Does it involve biology?

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  2. megan says:

    Hello! I love your blog and your posts are so so good!
    I’m a new blogger and would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe give me a follow? 🙂

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