Ocean Treasure

I’m known for being very predictable when I eat out and I’m guilty of nearly always ordering something with goat’s cheese in it – I love that stuff! Therefore it was high time I got a little more adventurous and stepped outside my food comfort zone. When an invitation to try out the new menu at Ocean Treasure landed in my inbox, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to mix things up and I jumped at the chance.

Historically I’ve never been a big fan of Chinese food. Having very rarely eaten Chinese when I was growing up (the middle of rural Somerset isn’t exactly a hot bed of international cuisine!), it’s never been a type of food that I’ve plumped for when deciding where to eat out. Therefore as Ocean Treasure focus on serving Chinese food, it was definitely not the sort of restaurant that I would normally have gone to, and this was a great opportunity to try something new. I roped in my friend Edd, and we pottered along after work.Great Northern Railway Company's Goods Warehouse ManchesterSituated on the ground floor of the Great Northern Warehouse, it was immediately clear that this was a little more chic than your average Chinese restaurant, and many of the other customers also appeared to be Chinese, which was surely a ringing endorsement! Whilst the main focus is on Chinese food, there are also many other influences at work that all mingle together, from Korean to traditional British.IMG_3320IMG_3327The New Northerner Lucy Ocean Treasure chopsticksMy friend Edd and I were ushered into a cosy spot next to the window and I apprehensively scanned the menu, hoping to find something that would suit my less than exotic palate!

To start with we went for the Chicken & Prawn Seaweed Rolls and the Chicken Satay Skewers.Ocean Treasure Chicken and prawn seaweed rollsOcean Treasure Chicken Satay SkewersA fairly safe choice and not particularly mind-blowing, but so far so good.

When we looked back at the menu for our main courses, we had a sneaking suspicion that the chef had been under the influence of a few cheeky beverages when he came to naming and describing some of the dishes. I was drawn into the daft descriptions on the menu, in particular the Sizzling Korean Gangnam Style Beef. To quote the menu, ‘Imaginary lasso at the ready…Ooh Ooh oppa Gangnam Style’. The tongue in cheek menu had me sold…I had to try the dish named after Psy’s mega tune. Gangnum Style Korean Steak Fillet Ocean TreasureIt was gorgeous. Surrounded by onions and peppers and covered in a sizzling sweet tangy Korean BBQ sauce, the quality of the beef was perfect and the flavours were wonderful.

Meanwhile, Edd went for the Crispy Shredded Beef with a Hint of Chilli in OK Sauce.Ocean Treasure Crispy Shreded BeefI tried a bit and it was super yummy. I do love a good sweet and savoury flavour combination, so I’m now kicking myself for not making an effort to eat Chinese more often. Staying in my little comfort zone has led to me seriously missing out. I will not be making this mistake again!

Despite feeling rather full, we couldn’t resist puddings. I went for Custard Spring Rolls whilst Edd went for the Sticky Toffee Pudding. They weren’t exactly the most exotic options on the menu, but we just couldn’t resist. When it’s cold and rainy outside, you seek comfort food!ocean treasure custard spring rollsSticky Toffee Pudding Ocean Treasure Edd was clearly very keen for his pudding!Ocean Treasure sticky toffee puddingThe puddings were devoured very quickly and were promptly declared as delicious by the both of us.

I really enjoyed my little foray into Ocean Treasure. Despite my initial scepticism as to whether I would enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone, I’ve properly been converted. Edd and I would definitely both come back here again. 

Thank you so much to Ocean Treasure for inviting us, and especially to John Lee the manager, who was so friendly and made the whole experience a real pleasure.

Does anyone else have a food comfort zone, or was I the only daft one?

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2 Responses to Ocean Treasure

  1. Emma says:

    Wow, that does look a bit more upmarket than the usual chinese! I have my favourite foods – goats’ cheese, like you, and grilled vegetables and pasta – so I usually pick those if I see them on a menu. However, I make an effort to experiment more when I’m out – after all, when are you going to cook swordfish etc. at home? x

  2. Sofie says:

    You are not alone, I also have a food comfort zone. When I go eating out, I always go for salmon (smoked, baked, …) or a vegetarian dish. I actually never choose meat in a restaurant, just because I know salmon always tastes good 🙂
    I really like Chinese food. Here we have some good Chinese restaurants where they have large buffets so you can fill your plate as many times as you want eating as much as you like. In Chinese restaurants, my food comfort zone is chicken and fish. And oh yes, the typical pink Chinese prawn crackers 🙂

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

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