A Cheese Fest

Out of all of the good things in life, cheese ranks pretty highly in my book. Creamy goat’s cheese, rich melted Camembert, ‘blow your socks off’ Stilton…I just love a good hunk of cheese.

I’m therefore all over any invitation to get my mitts on some new varieties and put them to the test. And if a sommelier or two fancies giving wine recommendations for each different cheese, I’m more than happy with that! So off we pottered to The Albert Square Chop House to see what treats lay in store for a Cheese & Wine Tasting Evening, hosted by cheese expert Chris and sommeliers George and Marcin.IMG_3215When we arrived, we were pretty excited to see the large quantities of cheeses laid out for us. I tried my hardest to control myself and not go completely nuts straight away.IMG_3217This is my ‘I just want to stuff myself full of cheese’ face. I was keen.IMG_3227Chris, our cheese expert for the evening, taught us all about the background of each of the cheeses, whilst George and Marcin recommended the perfect wine pairings for us to match the different flavours of the cheeses. I know very little about wine, so it was a great chance to expand my knowledge!

Let me take you on our taste sensation of an evening…

The first cheese that we got involved with was the big old beast of Old Amsterdam, a smooth flavoursome Gouda, paired with a gorgeous English white wine – The Three Vineyards. old amsterdam 2Whilst Dutch cheese can be known for being a bit bland, this was rich and full of body…a pleasant surprise. In my eyes, if you’re going to have cheese, you may as well have something with a bit of flavour, so this did not disappoint!old amsterdamAfter this first cheesy offering, we were primed and eager for more. Next up it was time for an English cheese and we were served the gorgeous Red Fox. It may look like a Red Leicester, but it has so much more depth of flavour that really develops as you eat it. This is a cheese that I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for in the future!IMG_3221The slight acidity of the wine really brought out the creamy flavours of the cheese. Marcin and George had done a spectacular job of picking out great cheese and wine pairings. Kleine Zalze South African  white wine cheese and wine eveningThen it was time for a smoky cheddar. I love a good mature cheddar – we’ve had a significant stash of Cathedral City’s Extra Mature and Vintage in the fridge that we’ve been rapidly working our way through and we always have a nosy around the cheese stalls for a good cheddar when we visit a food market. Therefore I was very keen to check out this one from Quickes’ Home Farm in Devon.IMG_3222Very very intense in flavour, this mature cheddar just crumbled away in your mouth. I think that this was my favourite cheese of the night. Divine. With this cheese and wine pairing, it was certainly the strong cheddar that did all the talking next to the more gentle South African shiraz. IMG_3233Now a cheeseboard just wouldn’t be complete without a seriously smelly offering. Bring on the brie and the daft French accents.IMG_3219It was certainly a stinker, but was deliciously creamy nonetheless. One wine clearly wasn’t enough, so we tried it with both a French wine and a really fruity New Zealand one.sauvignon blancAs always, I preferred the sweeter one!

Finally, we tucked into a very powerful Stilton.IMG_3223A very tasty wine was required in order to match the punch of the Stilton, and again we were given two options, rich port, or sweet Royal Tokaji. Royal TokajiWhilst the port took me on a little nostalgic trip back down memory lane to formal dinners at university, my hankering for sweet things tipped the balance in favour of the gorgeously sweet Royal Tokaji.  I’d never tried it before, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for this little gem in the future!

It really was a foodie sensation of an evening. I feel like I now have a whole new appreciation for good wines and how they pair with other food. Darren and I are definitely keen to go back to The Albert Square Chop House to ask George and Marcin for their advice with future meals. They are wine geniuses.

Do you have any favourite cheese and wine pairings? Or any particularly great cheese recommendations? I’m always on the look out for more tasty cheeses to enjoy!

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19 Responses to A Cheese Fest

  1. Sofie says:

    Oh, I love Old Amsterdam, but creamy cheeses are not for me. I’ve actually never drunk wine with cheese before (how weird), but here in Belgium, I think we always pair it with red wines, never with white wine.
    It’s interesting to know that something like cheese tasting exists and to know which wines match perfectly.

    Sofie x

  2. It looks like so much fun! I know nothing about cheese and wine, but my fiances family is so into this stuff and I have fun just tagging along 🙂

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  3. This looks JUST like my kind of evening! I agree- what could be better than an evening of wine and cheese!! xx

    katie x

  4. Cate Cruse says:

    This looks brilliant! I’m definitely going to look for something like this soon (although I think it would be slightly wasted on my boyfriend, who thinks ‘a good cheese’ means a Dairy Lea slice…hmm!)
    I’ve just found your blog and really like it so I’ll definitely be a new follower .My dad used to live in Wilmslow, such a gorgeous part of the world

    The perks of being a hipster

  5. Laura says:

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Cheeeese! This looks like my ideal thing. I’m very jealous right now! I love this stuff! Love the blog too by the way! 🙂
    Heroine In Heels

  6. Sofie says:

    Thanks again for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. You can read my answers over here. Your questions were really interesting and made me think about things I’ve never thought about before, I really like those kind of questions! x

  7. oh. My. Goodness. I am so jealous! I have such an obsession with cheese too! If I could live on cheese and bread I would!

  8. Absolute heaven – so naughty, but nice! I’ve tagged you for the Skin care TAG, hope you’ll join in :O). Xx


  9. Mai says:

    This looks like my kind of day! I love gouda and hate blue cheese 🙂 I’m glad you got some wine recommendations, too!

  10. Charlotte says:

    I love cheese, and wine; this definitely makes me want a cheese and wine night too! I shall have to organise something with my housemates 🙂
    Charlotte x

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