Highlights from Florence

After a wonderful time in Rome, we headed north to the beautiful city of Florence. With a rich artistic and architectural heritage, as well as a gelaterie on every corner, we threw ourselves in with enthusiasm.

Whilst we took about a million photos and visited soooo many places, if I wrote about everything we got up to, it would take pages and pages, so here are some of the highlights…

First off, how about these ice creams?IMG_2328IMG_3069 Multiple ice cream stops a day were always on the menu!IMG_2710Anything involving hazelnuts or biscuits were my favourite flavours. They were mouth-wateringly good.

Whilst wandering around the city with our ice creams, we gazed in wonder at the stunning architecture surrounding us. We ended up staying close to the beautiful cathedral which was just mesmerising as you looked up at all of the intricate details; your brain struggling to take it all in.IMG_2308 IMG_2310 Florence Firenze DuomoIn order to get the best view, we headed up the bell tower (over 500 steps!).IMG_2333 Look at that view…IMG_2334 Talking of great prospects, we also went to visit Florence’s most famous resident, the handsome David.IMG_2325Beautifully carved, with incredible detail, he’s certainly a hunky fellow.

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, the people of Florence have a real passion for art and are very proud of their collections. So many gems have been carefully preserved over the centuries. We even found the original inspiration for the Statue of Liberty.IMG_2557With visits to gaze in wonder at the work of some of Italy’s greatest creative minds at the Uffizzi, the Accademia, and more churches than you can shake a stick at, we also look time to indulge our inner science geeks, getting up close and personal with extinct beasties…IMG_2444IMG_2443…as well as a trip to the Galileo Museum.IMG_2698Now, we weren’t exactly expecting anything of a biological nature to appear in the Galileo museum, as Galileo is more known for his work as a physicist and astronomer than as a biologist, but what do you think these are?IMG_2704I know that the Italians like hoarding relics, but really…IMG_2702Yep, Galileo’s fingers in a couple of display boxes!IMG_2701Eeeek!

Moving on to something a bit more appetising…

As ever, lots and lots of eating was high up on the agenda, with our wonderful host Giancarlo, treating us to the most gorgeous breakfasts every morning. Say ‘hello’ to possibly the best home-made cereal mix in the world…IMG_2421…and plenty of home-baked goods to set us up for the day!IMG_2422IMG_2425If you want to visit him for gorgeous breakfasts, and a beautiful B&B, contact him here.

Plenty of pizza was of course consumed…IMG_2592IMG_2590IMG_2600Luckily we did lots and lots of walking, so hopefully we managed to burn it all off!

As big cycling fans, we were pretty pleased that we’d managed to coincide our trip with the world road cycling championships which came right through the centre of Florence. IMG_2426 IMG_2695I was super excited to see some of my favourite riders, including the recent Tour de France winner Chris Froome, cycling past in a blur of frenzied activity.IMG_2862 IMG_2858The people of Florence had truly embraced the arrival of the world championships in their home town, with plenty of the shops incorporating cycling into their window displays.IMG_2407 I particularly liked this knitted bicycle frame! IMG_2416The creative spirits of Florence really are everywhere.

Florence was just so beautiful; we wanted to explore every corner.Palazzo Vechio chapel From noble sculptures…IMG_2321 IMG_2323 …to elaborate medieval ceilings…IMG_2362 IMG_2365 …to the rickety old bridges, stretching over the river…IMG_2405 IMG_2406 IMG_2607IMG_3073 …yummy food around every corner…IMG_3097 IMG_2368…more grand buildings than you can shake a stick at…IMG_2573 IMG_2561IMG_2610…and wonderful views and grandeur wherever you looked.IMG_2578 IMG_3012 IMG_2602Florence, we will miss you…IMG_3084

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10 Responses to Highlights from Florence

  1. It looks stunning – I’d love to go, what a great trip you’re on :o). Xx


  2. Emma says:

    Wow, I want to hop on a plane right now! The cathedral looks amaaazing – and as for the macaron tower there…!
    Ps. Love your block colour dress, very summery and chic 🙂

  3. hayfa says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Florence! The photos are all absolutely beautiful! 🙂


  4. Grace says:

    Look at those ice creams!!


  5. Sofie says:

    Incredibly beautiful pictures, Lucy! And that home-made cereal mix looks super delicious.

    Sofie x

  6. Dominique says:

    your last picture is one of my favourite views!


  7. vicki says:

    mountains of ice cream and a macaroon tower! this is my dream 🙂 x

  8. I LOVE florence! We were there in August. It’s so beautiful! 🙂


  9. looks like you had a great time! and i love your dresses 😀

    Anna xx

  10. Caitlin says:

    Your photos are fantastic! When I lived in Rome I took a quick trip over to Florence.
    Isn’t one of the most beautiful cities!

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