47 King Street West

This weekend my lovely Grandma travelled up north to visit me. She came bearing a large package of cheeses from my Dad, a bundle of garlic that had been grown on a little vegetable patch back on the farm, and a big box of her home-made brownies (so good!). I picked her up from the station after finishing work and once we were back at my apartment I gave her the grand tour of my little place. I had made reservations at 47 King Street West for the evening, but I was feeling super peckish so we had a cheeky brownie before we left! It definitely hit the spot.IMG_1976[1]After a quick shower and change, I was ready to go, so we popped on the tram and headed into the city centre to find our restaurant for the night.47 king street west exteriorI had never been here before, but the reviews online were very favourable so I thought it was worth a go for a night of catching up with Grandma.IMG_1865Full of cosy little booths and charming waiting staff, we settled in and eagerly poured over the menu.seats 47 king street west IMG_1841We ummed and ahhed about whether or not to have a starter as we were highly concerned about not having enough room for the desserts (which looked pretty good!), but in the end we decided to just go for it. As it turns out, the focus for this restaurant is on the quality rather than the quantity served, so we needn’t have worried about getting too stuffed. We both went for the Spiced Goat’s Cheese & Sun-Blush Tomato Cake with Pink Grapefruit Salad. As a massive goat’s cheese fan, it wasn’t possible for me to see a goat’s cheese dish on the menu and not order it!Spiced goats cheese and sun blush tomato cake 47 king street westNormally when you have a dish with goat’s cheese in it, the cheese is the predominant flavour, however, this starter was full of so many different flavours that the goat’s cheese taste almost faded into the background. The spiciness of the cake and the sharpness of the pink grapefruit in the salad were quite a combination. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting!

For mains, Grandma went for the Pan Fried Duck Breast with rosti potatoes, braised pak choi and raspberry jus which she confirmed was absolutely lovely. The little dried raspberry fritters were very cute.Pan fried duck breast 47 king street westMeanwhile, I plumped for the French-Trimmed Rack of Lamb with sweet potato pomme puree, pickled carrot and roasted cherry tomatoes.IMG_1849 IMG_1850The presentation of the dishes here was beautiful and made the overall experience feel like a real treat. There wasn’t an overly large amount of meat here (I think Darren would have been a bit disappointed at the portion size if he had been able to join us!), but for someone little like me, the volume was alright and it tasted delicious. I’m a big fan of sweet potato so I was pleased that there was plenty of this, and overall, I thought it was a really gorgeous dish.

As we were eating our mains, we had an announcement that the evening’s live entertainment was about to start. I hadn’t realised that we were going to be serenaded by two opera singers whilst we ate! To start with, we were a little bit blasted away by the music, but after they turned the volume down a notch, we really enjoyed the performance. From Nessun Dorma to Phantom of the Opera, it was wonderful to listen to them.

Whilst the singers continued to delight us, we turned back to the menu for dessert, with Grandma ordering the Raspberry Creme Brulee and myself ordering the Hot Chocolate Indulgence Pudding.IMG_1856IMG_1859I’m a bit of a chocoholic so I just couldn’t ignore something with ‘chocolate’ and ‘indulgence’ in the title! My dessert was a little souffle-ish in texture and was gorgeously gooey and rich. I just wish that there had been a whole lot more of it! Meanwhile, Grandma assured me that her creme brulee was delicious.

The meal was a real delight and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit, it did feel a little bit odd to leave a restaurant feeling comfortably full rather than close to bursting so if you’ve got a massive appetite, this isn’t the place for you, but for people like Grandma and I who are only little, it was lovely.

We left just as the singers finished their performance and were keen to stay out a little bit longer so we headed to Spinningfields in search of cocktails. We ended up in Grand Pacific, where we nestled up in the big squidgy cushions in the outside seating area, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and soaking up the warmth from the outdoor heaters.IMG_1869I went for the Kiwi & Honey Crush which had a gorgeous combination of flavours, whilst Grandma went for an Hibiscus Martini.Grand Pacific Manchester kiwi and honey cocktailEventually after a good natter and people watch, we headed home, where we found a very sleepy Darren who couldn’t believe that we’d stayed out so late. It’s not often that we spend much time together, so it was wonderful to share a girly night out! Grandma hasn’t spent much time in Manchester before so it was fun to show her around my city and experience some of the best bits.

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5 Responses to 47 King Street West

  1. danni says:

    Aw what a lovely night out with your grandma! You food looked yummy! πŸ™‚ x

  2. Sofie says:

    A night out, just the two of you, it must have been wonderful. The brownie of your Grandma looks soooo good! Do I spot some nuts in them? Yummy!

    Sofie x

  3. mature but mellow says:

    Lucky Grandma to have such a doting Grand daughter!

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