August Favourites

So the end of August approaches, and in my mind, that kinda means the end of summer. Boooo. However, all is not lost as September means that I’ll have two weeks off work and I’ll be heading to Italy. Woohoo! I can’t wait.

Anyway, back to August. My monthly favourites posts are where I share everything that I’ve been loving over the past month. I went back home to Somerset this month, so quite a few of my favourites are from this lovely part of the world!

Foodroast beef dinnerMy absolute favourite meal from this month has to be my Grandma’s beef roast dinner. I’m salivating just from thinking about this yummy meal. Succulent beef, light and fluffy Yorkshire puddings, plenty of gravy…the works. Growing up we used to have a roast dinner just like this every Sunday, but in all honesty, I’m far too lazy to cook like this for myself, so if I’m back with the family, I really enjoy being treated to one! Grandma really is a top cook. Banoffee pieAnd talking of good cooks, my Mum rustled up multiple pudding options for us. I went for the banoffee pie. So so sweet and oh so yummy! Gooey and delicious, full of crumbly biscuit, mouth-watering caramel and plenty of banana. If I have enough, that’ll count as one of my five a day right?Agnes dog under the tableAnd of course, Agnes had to get involved, hoping that we’d hand her a few little morsels of meat. Which we did of course! How can you resist when you’ve got such a cute little face staring up at you?

DrinkOrchard Pig drinksSweet, delicious and with a few unusual flavours, these were perfect for hot summer days. If you fancy a cool, refreshing drink, The Orchard Pig’s sparkling fruit juice drinks are the thing to reach for. We popped a bunch of these in the fridge to reach for whenever we needed a little something to perk us up and cool us down.

BeautyLush Grease LightningThis little gem has been my new favourite skin care holy grail product – the Lush Grease Lightning. I’ve actually stopped bothering to wear foundation recently as my skin has been so clear. Hopefully this wasn’t just a fluke and my good skin days will continue! This little product seriously kicks booty.

ShopMary Kilvert Shop Frome SomersetMary Kilvert in Frome, Somerset is my new favourite little shop and I’ve been repeatedly checking out her online store since I’ve been back up north, eyeing up my next potential purchases! Mary designs the cutest little illustrations which adorn her products, from mugs, to cushions, to stationery, many of which focus on adorable little animals. I seriously wanted to buy everything in her store. It was pretty hard to restrain myself so I ended up buying a book bag covered in her gorgeous sheep print.Mary Kilvert sheep bag (1) Mary Kilvert sheep bag (2)She has loads of little bits and bobs covered with her cute illustrations so I’d seriously recommend checking her out here. Also, if you manage to visit her actual shop, you get the bonus of being able to have a little cuddle with her gorgeous puppy!

ReadingNew ScientistRight, now time for a nerdy favourite -my New Scientist subscription. I was a science student at university but my job now doesn’t involve anything to do with science so I’ve felt like all of this awesome knowledge about DNA, physiology, pathology and so on has just been leaking out of my brain, till I’ve forgotten almost all of it! Not any more. Getting a subscription to the New Scientist has allowed me to get my geek back on, triggering memories of everything I’d thought I’d forgotten (but actually was just hiding on a hidden shelf of my brain) and providing a read that’s a bit more stimulating than Cosmo or Glamour (although I do also love those magazines as well). From space exploration, to new medical techniques, to dinosaurs, I’ve been loving my New Scientist!

RandomThe Hops Room Wells flamingoI spotted this awesome flamingo outside of The Hops Room in Wells, Somerset. I thought it was pretty neat, so it deserved a spot in my August favourites. I need one of these for my balcony. Something to pop on my Christmas list I think!

I hope you’ve all had a good August? What were your favourite things this month?

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5 Responses to August Favourites

  1. Sofie says:

    Wow, your Grandma’s cooking skills seem to be magnificent! And your Mum’s banoffee pie looks more than delicious! I’ve never eaten that pie before but it looks heavenly!
    The book bag from Mary Kilvert is so cute. Love the sheep print and pretty colours.
    I’m a science student too by the way (studying industrial engineer). Still one more year to go.
    My favourite things this month were avocados (never liked them that much but currently fell in love with them) and getting internet in my student room.

    Sofie x

  2. Your grandmother’s cooking looks out of this world! 🙂 My favorite thing this month was the sun! I am going to miss beach days now that it’s getting cooler!

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  3. Jenna says:

    The food looks incredible! I didn’t realise you are from Somerset! I am too! 🙂
    Jenna x

  4. emmaicbrown says:

    What is it about a home cooked roast dinner that just makes everything better?

  5. Emma says:

    I loved this post! That little shop looks so cute – and as for those drinks…! x

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