Snippets from a bank holiday weekend

Manchester pride 2013 b IMG_1747b IMG_1739b IMG_1740bI love a bit of fancy dress. Not as much as the guys and girls at Manchester Pride though. From the ostentatious, to the bizarre, to the surprisingly very traditional (bag pipers I’m looking at you)! Every August bank holiday Pride hits town, everything gets draped in rainbow colours, an excited buzz fills the air, and cheesy music gets pumped to the max. This year was no exception, so I couldn’t resist popping into the city centre to get involved and watch the spectacle.rowing on the irwell bIMG_1725b IMG_1726b As per most weekends, plenty of time was spent on the river in a boat, coxing my rowers. There seems to have been an influx to the river of little families of swans and Canada geese recently who appear to be thriving on all of the titbits that the tourists feed them. Swans are such majestic creatures. Even their little cygnets look noble. Luckily they tend to mostly ignore us rowers, gracefully gliding out of the way as we speed along the river. I’ve had angry swans chase me before, and trust me, that can be pretty scary when you’ve got a swan chasing you and trying to land on you!Reading b IMG_1749bWhen I have some quiet time, I love to read. The book that’s getting the most love at the moment is my Lonely Planet guide to Italy as Darren and I will be off there very soon. I have now produced a very long list full of potential ideas for places I want to visit. So so excited. I just wish we were going for several months so I could get to see everywhere I want to visit!Pimms glass bFinally, a British bank holiday weekend isn’t really complete without a good BBQ and some Pimms. Mine came in a glass that was almost as big as a bucket. From chipolatas in brioche buns, to honey and mustard glazed ribs, to big hunks of steak, there certainly wasn’t a shortage of meat. From mid-afternoon through to the setting of the sun, relaxing outside with plenty of food and drink and daft chattering was a good way to spend a wonderful time.

I hope that you’ve had a great bank holiday weekend!

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6 Responses to Snippets from a bank holiday weekend

  1. Sofie says:

    Hi Lucy, I love your pictures, it looks like such a cool and exciting spectacle. Can I ask you what your British bank holiday is about? And oh yeah, I was wondering what exactly it is you do in the boat. I’ve read something about it in your “About me”, but I think I don’t quite understand your task.
    Your glass of Pimms is huuuge!

    Sofie x

    • Hi Sofie,
      A bank holiday is basically a public holiday where everyone gets an extra day off work!
      Regarding the boat, I am a rowing boat cox. My job is to coach and motivate my rowers, getting them to improve their technique and push themselves to their limit, as well as steer the boat. I have a little microphone headset which is linked up to speakers throughout the boat so that all of the rowers can hear me. It’s great fun and I’ve been doing it between 2-5 days per week for seven years. If you’ve ever watched The Boat Race (try looking it up on Youtube), the cox is the little guy going absolutely nuts at their crew and trying not to crash too much!
      Lucy x

  2. Kristina says:

    Hi! I just found your blog via Love your post! I’ll definitely be checking back in soon!
    All the best,

  3. Krystal says:

    I’m not sure what a bank holiday is (American!) but it sure looks like a lot of fun!!! And that drink! whhoooweee! That would take the edge off the week! hah!

  4. This past bank holiday was lovely ! I really hope it stays sunny for a while longer because London is so different when people are in a good mood 😉

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