The Pembrokeshire County Show

Living in a big city means that I don’t often get to appreciate the more agricultural side of life. I suspect that my wellies had forgotten what mud looked like! In order to rectify this, we headed over to the Pembrokeshire County Show, the largest agricultural county show in Wales, to immerse ourselves in livestock, show jumping, tractors and markets, and give my wellie boots a good airing.tractor The first thing that we spotted as we walked through the gates were the Dog Agility competitions.  If you’re not familiar with these competitions, the best way I can think to describe them is to imagine combining show jumping with an assault course for dogs. The dogs have to race around the course as fast as they can without making any mistakes or knocking any of the jumps down. The dogs seemed to absolutely love it and were bouncing around full of excitement, leaving their owners quite out of puff as they guided them around the agility pembrokeshire county show dog agility pembrokeshire county show 2 dog agility pembrokeshire county show 3There were different courses for all different sizes of dog, so even the little ones could have a go!dog agility pembrokeshire county show 4The dogs were really gorgeous and it was amazing to see how fast they moved and how good the communication was between the dogs and the owners as they directed their dogs from one obstacle to the next at lightning fast agility pembrokeshire county show ramp dog agility pembrokeshire county show seesaw dog agility pembrokeshire county show slalom
At times, it was rather comical, especially when you saw the cute fluffy ones have a go! I’ve now decided that I want to do Dog Agility training. Might need to get a dog first though…

After a quick doughnut and hot chocolate later, we went to check out the livestock.IMG_1420
If you’ve read my Guilty Pleasures post, you’ll know that sheep are one of my favourite animals so it was great to see so many beautiful prize winners. They were all consumate professionals, so posing for photos came quite and sheep long horned sheep sheepIMG_1449
And the pigs on display were absolutely enormous! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any so big. In comparison to the sheep, the pigs weren’t quite so keen for photos. They were much more interested in napping!prize pig Pembrokeshire county fair
Next up, we visited the bird barn where I made a few feathered friends, including this one, with his crazy hair style.IMG_1463They were all very inquisitive…IMG_1458Although some weren’t so keen to get overly friendly…IMG_1471
There was a ballot to determine the most popular bird, and I voted for the large one below, aptly named Big Daddy.IMG_1469IMG_1467
Later on after lunch, the sheep fun continued, with a troop of dancing sheep, each of whom had their own signature move. I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I saw sheep dancing to Abba.IMG_1510After a little boogie, we headed inside to the markets to check out the lovely goods, from clothes and home-wares, to cheese and cider, there was plenty here to tempt.IMG_1525 flowers IMG_1430 IMG_1527 IMG_1531 IMG_1533 soapy jones tweed jacket IMG_1524 IMG_1523 IMG_1432 IMG_1433
After picking up a natty hat and some yummy treats for later, we went over to the showground to watch the pembrokeshire county showThey were all such beautiful and elegant creatures. show jumping pembrokeshire county show show jumping pembrokeshire county show 2 IMG_1502
Their elegance was certainly matched by the ladies in the horse and carriage and in side saddle who were dressed so beautifully!horse and cart pembrokeshire county show side saddle pembrokeshire county showWe were there for about seven hours and certainly didn’t manage to see everything as it was set over a huge site and there was so much going on at once. If you’re looking for a day out in the country, I’d highly recommend going to a county show. Check this website to find out which ones are nearest to you!IMG_1427If you’ve been to any similar shows recently, where did you go and what did you see?

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