Roman Baths

Back in the times of Ancient Rome, the Romans loved a good old feast and were remarkably fond of socialising in the communal baths with their friends. Times may have changed, but the things that make us tick haven’t. Taking a bit of historical inspiration, my good friend Sam invited us all over to his, for our own modern take on a Roman Baths party. I grabbed some bedsheets and a scarf for my toga, some gold card for a laurel wreath and hopped on the train to Sam’s. With a bit of cutting and stapling on the train, my laurel wreath was ready. I certainly got a few funny looks from the people sat next to me, wondering what on earth I was making!

Sam has a gorgeous garden. It’s on days like this that I really wish I had my own garden and pool, rather than just a little balcony! One day when I move back to the countryside maybe…pool IMG_1279IMG_1217pool houseAs soon as I arrived, I had hugs with Sam, shoved my Champagne into the bulging fridge in the cute little red-bricked pool house and assembled my outfit!toga partyI don’t know about you, but I love a good old excuse to pop on some fancy dress, as do our friends…IMG_1199bsaIMG_1220IMG_1206 Sam was dressed as a fearless warrior!

His wonderful family had cooked us up a gorgeous feast, so we tucked in, filling our bellies with the joys of  BBQ food and yummy salads.IMG_1226IMG_1222IMG_1212561211_10151796581861703_1601765463_n IMG_1280We were all enjoying our food and having a civilised time of it, when of course, it had to be the boys who decided to get silly and push each other in, still fully robed!IMG_1227As the night got darker, eventually we all ended up in the pool, although most of us had managed to get changed into our swimming suits before hand! The heat of the sun during the day had warmed the pool up so it was a perfect temperature for bobbing around in and nattering.IMG_1230IMG_1247IMG_1246IMG_1251IMG_1238Later on and back into our clothes again, it was time for bonfires, serenading and a few more drinks.  IMG_1252IMG_1236IMG_1267seranading Sam and Charles gave everyone a little midnight concert, strumming away on the banjo and guitar. IMG_1233IMG_1232IMG_1231The party ended up going on until the early morning so something was needed to keep us bright eyed and awake – the Ancient Romans did shots right?1146702_10151796582151703_214672546_nA bit of fancy dress is a brilliant ingredient for any party and we all had a great time. I hope that you’re all getting the chance to enjoy the lovely weather as well. We’ve got to make the most of it whilst it lasts!

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3 Responses to Roman Baths

  1. A toga party?!?!
    Okay now I am jealous… Years of studying ancient Greek & Latin have made this a dream of mine. JEALOUS!
    Emily x
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  2. Grace says:

    awhh! This looks like such fun!

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