Picnics and Opera

I think that there has been a bit of a role reversal in my family this year. Whilst my parents went to the Glastonbury Festival to get their musical kicks, I went to the gardens of a stately home to watch opera. My friend Charlotte and I went to the gorgeous Tatton Park in Cheshire yesterday to watch Katherine Jenkins in action, supported by the gorgeous Amore. I apologise in advance for the slightly dodgy camera quality. I cleverly decided to charge up my camera battery and then forgot to put the battery back in my camera so the phone camera had to suffice!

Tatton parkTatton Park estate When we arrived we decided to have a look around the imposing neo-Classical mansion. What we didn’t realise when we arrived, is that we’d parked up on the opposite side of the estate from the actual mansion itself and it wasn’t long until last admissions, so we had to do a rather speedy jog through the gorgeous park land and arrived, slightly glowing, just before they put up the Closed sign. As we fanned ourselves with the leaflets to cool down, we admired the beautiful interiors. I would definitely be keen to live somewhere like this!

tatton park main entrance Tatton Park dining room Silk bedroom tatton park stair caseThe gardens were absolutely gorgeous as well.Tatton park garden view tatton park charlotte's garden fountainAfter our quick spin round the grounds, we headed back to the concert arena, plonking ourselves very close to the front.

tatton park picnic concert Having had a look round at the rest of the crowd, Charlotte and I were definitely on the younger side! Opera fans don’t normally tend to be our age. En route to Tatton Park we had popped into M&S and snaffled up lots of foodie goodies for our picnic tea, including some Percy Pigs and the tiniest bottle of Cava you’ve ever seen! We tucked into our little feast and eagerly awaited the music.picnic Cava 2Katherine Jenkins’ voice blows me away every time. I wish I could sing like that! She wore an impressive four different sparkly outfits throughout the evening and was very sweet and chatty in between all of her songs, which ranged from classic opera to some Andrew Lloyd Webber. Katherine Jenkins Tatton Park Katherine Jenkins dress

She was supported by the gorgeous Amore, who we were lucky enough to get to meet during the interval.Amore opera Harry and David Amore I’d been joking with David and Harry about how small I felt in comparison to them, so Harry decided to crouch down a bit to make me look not quite so tiny!

To finish off the evening we had the traditional Rule Brittania and Land of Hope & Glory which brought everyone to their feet to join in and wave their Union Jack flags, followed by a gorgeous fire work display. WP_20130721_082 WP_20130721_081 WP_20130721_080We’re so rock and roll!

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2 Responses to Picnics and Opera

  1. I love picnic concerts! We used to have a Proms in the Park near me which I went to once, but the council can’t fund it anymore – so gutted! I have definitely been considering heading over to Tatton Park for one of theirs though. Looks fab!

  2. Sounds brilliant to me! I would love you to listen to my music, Katherine is a massive inspiration to me. Best Wishes, Georgia x

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