Home Decor Haul #1

Back in the beginning of July I got the urge to start beautifying my apartment a bit more. Whilst I purchased quite a bit of stuff for my apartment when I first bought it back in December, most of what I picked up was on the functional side i.e. a chest of drawers, rather than going all out on the decorative front. So over the last couple of weeks, Darren and I have been on the hunt for some gorgeous little trinkets to pop around the place. Here are a few of the things that I’ve picked up so far.

Italian ice cream sign I’m a big ice cream fan, so I was thrilled when Darren spotted this little Italian ice cream sign. It fits perfectly onto a little wall outcrop in the kitchen.italian ice cream sign 2 IMG_0885 Does this clock remind anybody else of Mickey Mouse with the two bells on top looking like his ears?I used to have a clock in this style when I was little, so seeing this brought back memories of growing up. I love how it looks kinda vintage, but I don’t think I’ll actually be using it as my alarm. I prefer the gentle alarm song on my phone to any loud trilling of the clock in the morning.sheep picture If you’ve read my last post, you will have seen that I love anything with a sheep on it. So when I saw this picture I had to have it! I’ve put this up in the entrance of my bedroom, and I’ve already got another picture in the same room in a very similar frame so the two match well together. It’s a really gorgeous scene and makes me feel so peaceful just from looking at it.chicken door stop I’d been searching for some cute doorstops for a while when I came across Mr Chicken. He would probably be more suited to a country cottage rather than a city apartment but I love him anyway and he enjoys ruling the roost 10 floors off the ground!chicken door stop 2 mountain picture This is another picture that I’ve bought for my bedroom (I had a lot of wall space to fill!). I think this picture looks absolutely stunning with such a dramatic landscape. I’ve no idea where in the world this photo was taken though. If anybody recognises it, please let me know!la tarte au meringueeFinally, here is another picture that Darren picked out. That boy has such good taste! I loved the vibrant colours of this as well and I think the illustrations are adorable.lemon lemon meringue pie lemon meringue pie 2So as you can see, I’m steadily starting to pick up some little gems. I definitely haven’t finished with my decorating, so I shall keep you posted to let you know what else I find!

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