Lucy’s Lusts – Home Edition

Despite owning my apartment for about six months now, I haven’t really done that much in the way of decorating as it already came fully furnished and in very good condition. However, I’ve recently been getting a lot of home decor inspiration from some of the blogs that I’ve been reading, so I’m itching to get out there and pick up some lovely pieces to make my apartment feel more homely and pretty. I’ve been picking up a few pieces over the past couple of days when I’ve been in town and now I’ve really got the decorating bug. These are the things that I’m very tempted by right now:Home lucy's lustsThere are so many pretty things out there across the internet. Not on the High Street is a particular favourite!lucys lusts home 2 ‘Save Water Drink Champagne’ Tea Towel, Lemon Lavender Yankee Candle, Antique Inspired LightVintage Map Wall Clock

Lucys lusts home 3Felt Heart BuntingHeart Mirror, Gold Sunflower Mirror, Floral Picture

Lucys lusts home 4Wooden Book ShelfEva Enamel Tea TinDuck Bookends, Personalised Biscuit Barrel

lucys lusts home 5Japanese Blossom Bowls, Fabric Notice BoardCanvas Printed Lavender Sunset PictureDaschund Doorstop

I will have to show you the stuff that I actually end up buying. The trouble is, I’m just so indecisive and want everything pretty!

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3 Responses to Lucy’s Lusts – Home Edition

  1. Love the mismatched and colourful bowls!

  2. Love the “save water drink champagne” sign 🙂

  3. love all these! great post!

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