Lucy’s Lusts – Summer Edition

Today’s post is a bit of a girly one, sharing the top things that are tempting me right now! Summer Lucy's Lust collage1. Gap 1969 Legging Skimmer Jeans in Lime Cooler

As I mentioned in my May Favourites, I’m a little bit in love with brightly coloured trousers right now. They’re a great option for rocking summer brights when it’s a little bit cooler like the weather is right now and these neon trousers are right up my street.

gap jeans collage

2. Live, Love, Dance, Sing Bangles from Not on the High Street

This cute quartet of bracelets is covered with little sayings to give you a bit of inspiration throughout the day. SING… As though no one can hear you, LIVE… As though heaven is on earth, LOVE… As though you have never been hurt before, and DANCE… As though no one is watching you. I think these would be great as either a treat for yourself or as a sweet gift.

bracelet collage

3. Oasis Safari Shift Dress

Continuing with the bright colours theme, this dress looks like the perfect summer piece, that would work well both during the day and night time. Add some sandals and a summery hat and you’re good to go.

oasis collage

4. Rayban Tortoise Wayfarer Sunglasses

So I know I picked up two pairs of sunglasses, just a few days ago, but a girl can never have too many sunglasses right? These are such a classic design and I love the tortoise shell pattern.


5. Topshop Flower Embellished Beaded Cami

I’ve been loving simple loose-fit spaghetti-strap camis recently. I just think they look really relaxed and light. This one has a lovely beaded design and I think the peachy colour is absolutely gorgeous.

cami collage

6. Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet

I’ve heard every Youtube beauty guru and their dog raving about the Revlon Lip Butters for the last year or so but haven’t ever felt particularly inspired to buy one until I saw Fee from Make Up Savvy rave about this shade in her Summer Pinks post. I love the vibrant pink colour of it and am now very tempted to pick this up!

Revlon lip butter sorbet

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3 Responses to Lucy’s Lusts – Summer Edition

  1. Topshop do the best camis! I love this one, it is so pretty but simple x

  2. Ray-Bans are the perfect summer sunnies! There’s no shame in picking up an extra pair or two ; )

    Brooke du jour

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