Grillstock: meat, music, mayhem.

This weekend, Grillstock came to town – a festival in celebration of BBQ and music. Darren and I dearly love a good BBQ, so as soon as we found out there was going to be a festival dedicated to the cause, we snapped up some tickets, and encouraged our friends Mark, Ben and Nicola to do the same. Grillstock Festival ManchesterGrillstock festival combined BBQ competitions, live music, a BBQ academy where you could attend classes to improve your skills, lots of food stalls and bars, eating competitions, plus a mix of traders and exhibitors. Otherwise known as an excuse to eat lots of food and drink a few cheeky beverages all day and night. 

Nicola, Mark and Ben went for the pulled pork…

Grillstock Manchester pulled pork …Darren and I chomped on spicy lamb wraps…Grillstock Manchester lamb wrap …later on we went for hog roasts (including the most AMAZING crackling ever) and hot dogs, as demonstrated delightfully by Darren…manchester grillstock hotdog …and of course, some gorgeous pudding was required in the shape of chocolate and salted caramel tart. Mmmmm…grillstock manchester salted caramel tartMark went a little more off piste and also paid a trip to the Exotic Meats stall where he picked up a zebra burger.grillstock manchester exotic meatsAs it was such a gorgeous day, Pimms was mandatory and was handily acquired from the pop up Brooklyn Brewery bar.IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0198What a perfect summer drink.IMG_0196The funniest moment of the day had to be the chilli eating competition. A gaggle of brave volunteers stepped onto the stage and ate progressively hotter and more aggressive chillis until there was only one man left standing. All of the contestants had a bottle of milk in front of them, but as soon as they drank some, they were eliminated from the competition. There was a big crowd watching who enthusiastically cheered them on. I love that one of the competitors came dressed as a hot dog (far right of the stage).IMG_0212IMG_0215Once the competition eating was over, we had lots of different bands serenading us throughout the afternoon and evening, including the brilliant Riot Jazz who did funky jazz interpretations of some of our favourite tunes, including a bit of Fleetwood Mac.IMG_0227 IMG_0257I really hope that Grillstock will come back again to Manchester next summer. I will definitely be first in line to buy my ticket!

Also, one last photo – festivals like this are brilliant for people watching. Check out the Axl Rose wannabe we spotted.IMG_0242




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4 Responses to Grillstock: meat, music, mayhem.

  1. lazybill says:

    HaHa, Brilliant! My wife and I are standing directly in front of you on your penultimate photograph (me in the blue shirt, khaki shorts, she in white & blue dress, gingerish hair and black bag over her shoulder). Glad you had a great time, we did too!

  2. Ibbs Quinton says:

    What an awesome event, I’ve loved reading all the blogs about this event. The atmosphere must have been great and super friendly, and even the sun was shining 😀
    Such a lovely way to kick off summer
    x x x

    The Lobster & Me

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