Accessorize Haul

On my way back from work this evening, I popped into Accessorize to pick up a new pair of sunglasses. It was meant to be just a quick trip. However, I ended up getting tempted by lots of pretty things! IMG_0084 As soon as I walked over to the sunglasses section, my eyes were immediately drawn to this bright neon pink pair. They just screamed summer.Accessorize Neon Stripe Flat Top SunglassesDefinitely, entirely ridiculous. But just so fun. How could I resist? The frames are highlighter bright and have a soft matte finish that reminds me of gummy sweets. Subtle, these are not!

As I’d set my heart on buying the daft neon pair, I felt that I simply had to get another pair that I would be able to wear with smarter outfits, when I wasn’t channeling my inner raver. Step forward the aviators. I’ve been looking to get a pair in this style for a while, but all the ones I have tried so far always seem a bit too big for my face. These were just right. It was meant to be.Accessorize Half Frame Brushed Metal Aviator SunglassesSunglasses mission accomplished, I thought. But I ended up spying a few more little distractions en route to the tills…Accessorize Lucy Loop Patent Bow Ballerina shoe pump I feel that you can never have enough shoes, and these little navy beauties are so cute and comfortable that I know that I will get lots of use out of them. I think that the folded bow on the front is adorable. Also, when I checked the receipt on the way out, I realised that these were called the Lucy Loop Patent Bow. A shoe that shares a name with me!?! Brilliant. Accessorize autumn leaf metal hair band Whilst I was perusing the jewellery, I spotted a girl trying on this stunning gold head band. My magpie instinct took over and I immediately swooped in for the next head band on the rack. The headband is made of lots of beautiful gold hollow leaves, attached to a stretchy band at the bottom. It’s just so gorgeous. I love it.Accessorize oval ringMagpie Lucy strikes again! I’ve been searching for a pretty, but non-blingy ring for quite a while and this was just what I’ve been looking for. It looks like it could be vintage and like it’s worth so much more than the £12 I paid for it. The opally/pearly centre looks beautiful when it catches the light.Accessorize deco petal stretch braceletI was definitely heading towards the check out at this point, but there was one final piece that caught my eye! This sparkly bracelet beckoned me over, calling to me. I’ve got very slim wrists so bracelets can be a bit tricky for me. No one wants their bracelets to just fall off. However, this little gem has a concealed elastic which means it stays safely on my wrist. It is a little bit blingier than I would normally go for, but I love the shape of the bracelet segments and they reminded me a little bit of insect eyes. I think this will work well with both smart and casual outfits so I’m looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

So, there you have my Accessorize haul. I’d really recommend popping in and having a snoop round. I guarantee that you’ll find something you like. I definitely ended up leaving with a bit more than I bargained for!


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3 Responses to Accessorize Haul

  1. Wow what great finds! I Love the headband and the bracelet, so pretty.


  2. Ty Azarov says:

    I can very much relate to your shopping trip. You come in for an earring and you go home with closet full of clothes. All of your finds are amazing!!:)
    Please check out some of my looks on!!

  3. genalpalmieri says:

    Such cute sunnies! Newest follower
    Blush and Blossoms

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