Weekend training

This weekend was spent mostly on the river, guest-coxing my boyfriend’s university alumni rowing crew. Two days containing five tough training sessions in the boat, two core strength sessions, great playlists, and being eaten out of house and home by some very hungry rowers!boat house collage We had beautiful weather all weekend, so some good tans and freckles were acquired. We rowed along the canal which was like a little green avenue running out of the city. It’s amazing how much prettier Manchester looks when summer comes around and everything comes out in bloom.rowing collage The guys were great fun to train with and made good improvements throughout the weekend. We ended up rowing over 60 km over the course of all of our training sessions which will have provided a great platform in their preparations for the Henley Royal Regatta.coxing collage 2 After all the training there was lots of napping to be had. When rowers aren’t rowing, they can generally either be found eating or sleeping. All of that training takes it out of you!sleeping collage Whilst they were napping I amused myself with a refreshing Coke and lime, Cosmo and the French Open. chilling collageIn between outings, the guys had been constantly eating – cereal, yoghurts, crisps, fruit, flapjack… and in the evening Darren cooked us all some wonderful food for dinner – spicy potato wedges, garlic bread, salad, baked Camembert, and a massive cheesy lasagne, followed by a rhubarb and banana crumble with ice cream. He looks after us very well!IMG_0080I hope you had a lovely weekend!


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2 Responses to Weekend training

  1. Emma says:

    Looks like a beautiful day! Very jealous.

  2. Hannah says:

    I can’t believe these pictures are in manchester! It does look so much prettier when the sun is out, you’re right!x

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