May favourites

May was a great month, firstly because it contained my birthday and secondly, because the sun finally came out, heralding the arrival of summer! It’s amazing how much the sun can perk you up.  My favourite day from May has to be last Saturday when I went to watch the Great City Games. Getting so close to such amazing athletes was incredible.Great city games collageSo, what were my favourite things from May?

First off, Nerds.


I didn’t even realise that you could still buy these until I spotted them in Tesco one evening, under the World Foods section. Imported from America, I found these little bundles of sugary sourness to be totally addictive, even though you do feel a bit sickly after eating too many at once. Full of ‘fruity’ yumminess of all of the colours of the rainbow, I will definitely be hunting these down again.

Nails Inc Elystan StreetNails inc elyson streetThis is a beautiful glitter polish that is opaque in one coat and is like a red and silver disco ball for your nails. It lasts really well, and just makes me smile whenever I look at it.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

IMG_0007This has been a skincare revelation. If you can have a revelation about skincare! My skin hasn’t been this clear for such an extended period of time for ages, and I put it down to using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. The combination of this and the little muslin cloths that come with it work really well to deep cleanse the skin whilst giving a little bit of an exfoliation at the same time. It has a gorgeous herbal smell and is generally just wonderful. I’m hooked! In a short space of time, this has become a holy grail item in my bathroom.


IMG_0008I love pashminas and wear them all year round, whether to keep me warm in the winter, or as a cover up from the sun in summer. I received this beautiful turquoise pashmina for my birthday and I have been wearing it non-stop. It’s almost Cambridge colours so this will come in very handy for any occasions when I will be cheering on my old university.

Sun hats and bright trousers

bright trousers

As I’m so pale, I really need to keep the sun off my face when it’s sunny, so hats are a must. I bought this from a French market and it has proved invaluable. It works with lots of different outfits and can also be scrunched up in my bag without damaging it. Perfect.

Bright trousers are another stable in my wardrobe. Bright blue, red, fushcia, green…I don’t mind, I just love having such a great pop of colour in my outfit. The vividness of the colour still feels summery, even if it is a bit too cold to fully get your legs out.

I hope that you have all had a lovely month! Let me know what your favourite things from May have been…

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