Beethoven, all you can eat and a massive bed

On Saturday night, Darren and I were invited by Classic FM to watch the Manchester Camerata, one of the UK’s leading chamber orchestras, at the magnificent Bridgewater Hall.The New Northerner Bridgewater HallDSC_0157

We went to watch a Beethoven concert which was absolutely brilliant. The leader was playing a Stradivarius and played the entire concerto without any sheet music in front of him. He must have a phenomenal memory! When I was younger I used to play in a variety of different orchestras and bands (I play the piano and clarinet) so I’m a big orchestral fan, but it’s not very often that I go to watch concerts any more, so this was quite a treat.

It was nearly 10pm by the time the concert finished, by which time we were absolutely starving, as the only thing we’d eaten since lunchtime were a few canapes at the pre-concert reception. At that time of night, we were rather limited in terms of options so we headed to Tai Wu, for an all you can eat fusion international buffet. 319916235_dc5950b6d1_z This wasn’t exactly a fine dining experience, but it did the job of filling us up. The emphasis definitely felt more like they were focusing on quantity rather than quality, but to be fair, I’m probably not their target market. I’m sure that if I was a student with a tiny budget I would love it!DSC_0158My take on fusion dining was to have sushi, lamb curry and pizza. It was quite a combination! DSC_0159For dessert, I went super greedy and plumped for three puddings – two cakes and the ice cream. I’m a massive ice cream fan so I went for three different flavours – mango, banana and mint choc chip. However I wish I didn’t. They were such a disappointment. The mango ice cream didn’t really have much of a flavour, the mint just tasted like toothpaste and the banana tasted just like children’s medicine. Not ideal!

Finally, we moved onto somewhere a bit more luxurious. Thanks to Classic FM, we were staying at the iconic Midland Hotel. Midland Hotel 1


We had a King Superior Room with the biggest bed I’ve ever seen. As I had all of my rowing racing kit with me, I actually had my tape measure so I gave the bed a quick measure! It was 2m wide and 195cm long.

DSC_0162Despite being only 5ft1 I’m normally a massive bed hog, taking up as much room as possible, but there’s no way I was able to do that in this massive beast of a bed!

After a peaceful sleep we had a yummy breakfast in the morning before heading on home.


DSC_0171 DSC_0173I do love a good Danish pastry, don’t you?

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2 Responses to Beethoven, all you can eat and a massive bed

  1. Jess says:

    Wow sounds like such a lovely evening! I used to play the piano as well, so I adore things like this 🙂 also, your bed looks incredible! x

  2. Kate says:

    The food looks amazing! x

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