Southern Eleven

Last night, we went on the hunt for more great American food. We’d heard of Southern Eleven as the home of Manchester vs. Food, the Southern Eleven Challenge: a 20oz Monster Cheese Burger with lashings of skinny fries and 10 suicide wings. Eat it within 45 mins and you get your meal for free! Rather reminiscent of Man vs Food…

Manchester vs Food and Man vs food

Whilst we weren’t intending to tackle a beast of such proportions, we were looking for some yummy meat to fill our bellies with. Southern Eleven go for locally sourced meat, add in all sorts of delicious herbs and spices, followed by a long slow smoke in their wood-burning ovens, taking inspiration from the BBQ food from the southern states of the US.Southern Eleven The New NorthernerWhen we arrived we went straight to the bar and, being a bit of a cocktail fiend, I decided on the Tennessee Rose. Is it an American thing to put drinks in jam jars? Almost Famous do this as well…


For starters we went for the American Style Bread Board and in an effort to be vaguely healthy, the Baby Gem Dippers with Blue Cheese Sauce.


The muffin was delicious and buttery. It just crumbled away in your mouth! The bread on the other hand, whilst it had a lovely fresh texture, must had had some kind of chilli topping as it blew my mouth off! Would have been nice to have had some kind of warning! WP_20130503_004

The baby gems worked really well with the blue cheese sauce. Although going for a salad-y option might seem a bit boring, the sauce was brilliant and would have made anything you were eating taste great!

For mains, we decided to get the platters so that we could try out a selection of different meats. We plumped for the Southern Tasting Platter and the BBQ Slider Selection.

WP_20130503_007The Southern Tasting Platter had 18 hour-smoked pulled pork, beef brisket, pork belly ribs, BBQ sauce and skinny fries. The pulled pork was absolutely brilliant. It just fell apart in your mouth and had a gorgeous smokey sweet BBQ flavouring. The ribs were really well cooked and the meat just fell of the bone. The beef brisket didn’t quite live up to the awesomeness of the pork belly and pulled pork and was probably a bit tougher than it could have been, but the flavouring was still awesome.

WP_20130503_006Southern Eleven burger WP_20130503_010My BBQ Slider Selection had three mini burgers consisting of one with beef brisket, one with pulled pork and the third was a regular cheese burger, all served in gorgeous brioche buns. I loved getting to try out all of the different meats, and I think that the pulled pork was my favourite burger. The flavourings on the meat were just superb.

Given that we were in an American-style restaurant, we naturally also had to try out their Mac n Cheese.


This was incredible. I’m salivating just looking at that picture now. When you speared each macaroni piece with your fork, the cheese just oozed out. Even when I was feeling ridiculously full from all of the main courses, I couldn’t stop myself from demolishing this pot of cheesy goodness. This was hands down the best Mac n Cheese I have ever tasted. I need to come back here and have this again.

We really enjoyed our experience here and are very keen for a return visit. I’d love to try their desserts (unfortunately I was far too full to try one yesterday!) and also have a crack at their full rack of Memphis-style ribs. If you like American food, Southern Eleven is a great place to try.

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  1. vogueandheels says:

    Love the pictures and the food looks incredible! I am hungry just by looking at it haha

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