The Blue Pig

Yesterday I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I’d been meaning to meet up with my friend John for ages and had also been wanting to check out The Blue Pig ever since it opened last year. So off we trotted to check out its delights as well as have a good old catch up. I love that there is a actually a blue pig hanging outside instead of a sign!

The Blue Pig Manchester

The Blue Pig is a Parisian-inspired bistro including a deli counter full of yummy fresh meat, bread, terrines, patés and cheeses. They have a seasonal menu that changes on a weekly basis, taking the best local and continental produce, which makes it a great place to build your own platter.

The Blue Pig Manchester  The Blue Pig ManchesterThe Blue Pig Manchester

I decided to build my platter using the Milano Salami, Godminster Cheddar, Wild Mushroom and Apricot Pâté, Roast Onion and Garlic Bread Knots with a big dollop of Roast Onion pig platter The salami was a very finely sliced dry-cured Italian salami seasoned with white wine, pepper and hint of garlic and was absolutely delicious. My pâté was very fruity and although I couldn’t taste much of a specifically mushroomy flavour, the savory element of the mushrooms helped to prevent it from being too sweet. The cheddar was very tasty, but I wish there had been more, and the bread knots were lovely and light.

John plumped for the Bresaola, Milano Salami, Finnochiona, Cheddar, Chicken Liver and Ale Pâté and some Barra Brith.

The Blue Pig Manchester platterJohn was very generous and let me try a few of his choices. The Bresaola was a lovely tender salted beef that was full of flavour and the Barra Brith was a wonderful fruity loaf.

For dessert we decided to share the Chocolate and Hazelnut Terrine alongside some Lemon Sorbet.

The Blue Pig Manchester Hazelnut and chocolate terrine The Blue Pig Manchester sorbet

These two worked really well together. The terrine was sumptuously rich and would probably have been a bit too chocolate-heavy had it not been for the sharpness and lightness of the sorbet.

I would highly recommend giving The Blue Pig a visit as it was great to be able to customise your own platter, based on such a varied deli menu. I’d really love to come back here again to work my way through the different meats, cheeses, breads and pâtés!

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