Graze box: spring edition

Today’s post is to share my love for Graze boxes. Graze is a weekly subscription service that delivers healthy tasty snacks direct to your door. This isn’t your bog standard crisps or yogurt coated raisin type of snack malarkey, but truly yummy and innovative little snacks. Graze boxEach box comes with four little snack punnets, each of which has some kind of health benefit whether that is one of your five a day, a source of vitamins and minerals, under 100 calories etc. You can state your food preferences to make sure that if there are certain foods you dislike you can avoid them, and you can also choose to only have super-healthy snacks or only snacks under 150 calories, or just a complete mix. You can check out the yummy range here.

Graze box

The boxes are nice and slim so they should fit through a normal letter box without you having to pick it up from the post office. In this blog post I’m showing you my latest Graze box which is beautifully spring themed and also came with a cute little rabbit model to assemble!

This is what I received in my box:

Graze box

Some of the Graze snack punnets come with a mix of components,with the idea being that when you eat them all together they are meant to taste like another kind of food item. The Hot Cross Yum contained a mix of orange raisins, sponge pieces and cinnamon honey almonds, and it was intended that when you eat these components together, they will taste like a hot cross bun. To be honest this one only vaguely reminded me of a hot cross bun, mainly because the crispy texture of the sweet sponge pieces wasn’t at all like the texture of a squidgy bun. However I did still love the mix of flavours!

Graze box

The Cheddar Gorge punnet had a mix of cheesy cashew nuts, salsa-flavoured corn sticks and herb crackers. My boyfriend and I shared these and really liked them. I love crisps so this was a good alternative!

Graze box

The Billionaires’ Shortbread was another punnet that promises its components will taste like a different foodie treat when eaten together. This one was actually a very convincing match to a billionaires’ shortbread and was full of almonds, milk chocolate, cranberries and little fudge pieces. This was my favourite punnet. I have such a sweet tooth!

Graze box

The Seedsational punnet was the final punnet of the bunch and contained roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds with soy sauce. I love having seeds as a healthy snack and these were yummy. They reminded me of Munchy Seeds which I love snacking on.

Every box also comes with a nutrition leaflet so you can find out more about what you’re eating…Graze box

I loved this box and I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you think this might appeal. It’s a lovely treat to receive these little packages! Also, you can normally find some kind of discount for Graze if you’re a new customer.

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