Glastonbury Tor – Agnes adventures

This morning Agnes decided that she wanted to take me for a walk up to the top of Glastonbury Tor.

Glastonbury TorIt was a beautiful day, so off we trotted. Agnes is a beautiful little 18 month old Westie whose interests include having her tummy rubbed, licking people’s faces, food, long walks, meeting new people, being cuddled, squeaky toys, daft-looking doggy coats, and err… food again!

Agnes Westie Agnes Westie

We pottered along the country lanes sniffing out badger trails, eating slugs (Agnes, not me!) and trying to out-stare the sheep.  After a little while we came across some very daft looking creatures – some very woolly alpacas! Agnes took quite a shine to them.


Agnes Westie



Alpacas have such daft little faces; they are adorable! They were very friendly and didn’t seem to mind us watching them. However we couldn’t stay there for long because there was more exploring to do and the Tor to be climbed.

Agnes Westie Agnes Westie

We had lots of good fun scouting out rabbit holes on the way up the Tor.

Agnes WestieAnd making lots of new friends…Agnes Westie

It was quite a long walk for us as we both have quite little legs,but eventually we made it to the top.

Glastonbury Tor Glastonbury Tor

It was quite a windy day so  poor little Agnes was almost blown off the top!

Agnes Westie Agnes WestieLuckily I was there to rescue her!

Agnes Westie

The views across Somerset were beautiful, so we sat down to admire them for a bit…

Agnes tor

View from tor

…and then sniffed around to see if anyone had any food that they were willing to share (Agnes, not me!).

Finally when the winds got a bit too much, it was time for a long walk back followed by treats and a nap.

Agnes Westie

If you fancy going there for a walk yourself, here’s how to get there.

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One Response to Glastonbury Tor – Agnes adventures

  1. Mary Masters says:

    Agnes really enjoyed her adventure. She doesn’t go to the top of the Tor very often, though the alpacas are an almost daily delight. She really likes them, and they don’t seem to mind her as long as the gate is between them!

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