This week, the team at work decided to go out to lunch, and where better to have a yummy, warming, filling meal on a super cold day than Dough in the Northern Quarter. I love Dough and come back time and time again!

ImageI love the old shop detailing on the outside!


Dough is an awesome pizza kitchen and they have a brilliant array of different types of pizza, including some rather unusual combinations such as the Fish & Chips pizza, breakfast pizza (with bacon, sausage, egg and mushrooms) and a paella pizza. They’re all served on a light, crispy base with a yummy tomato sauce, and dairy free or gluten free options are available of most of their dishes.

We started off by sharing the dough sticks, garlic pizza and mozzarella pizza. The mozzarella pizza was so yummy and cheesy I was very tempted to eat the whole lot! Check out that bad boy below…

ImageWhen it came to the main course, I was feeling pretty full already after maxing out on the starters. Many of Dough’s pizzas come with pretty chunky toppings – brilliant if you’re a meat fan – so I decided to go for something on the lighter side and went for the Goats Cheese pizza. I’m a recent convert to loving goats cheese and this pizza absolutely continued this love affair. It was covered with large chunks of goats cheese, freshly sliced tomato, and caramelized onions. It was super!


Just to give you a flavour of the meaty pizzas, my friend Aaron went for the Dolcelatte Steak pizza. Check out all of that yummy steak!


These pizzas never disappoint, and I shall definitely be back in here again soon to try out a new one. I think probably the West Indies pizza next time  – slow cooked curried lamb with red onion, sliced peppered banana, mozzarella, curry spiced tomato sauce and mango chutney – sounds pretty good to me!

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