Back in Cambridge: MA Graduation

This weekend I hopped on a train back to the beautiful city of Cambridge to meet up with all of my old friends, pop on my gown and receive my MA, followed by the celebratory dinner and after party. What a superb weekend we had! Graduation with parents

It was snowing all day so the already picturesque Cambridge was turned into a winter wonderland.

Walking to graduation

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the ceremony itself because cameras are strictly banned, so here is a picture of the outside of Senate House where we received our MA.


We all processed from college and assembled at the back of the hall. Most of the ceremony is conducted in Latin, so if like me you don’t know any Latin, the ceremony is mostly gobbledegook! We all lined up in rows of four, and one by one, each row goes forward to the front of the hall. When your row comes to the front the Praelector holds out his hand. Each of us being presented for our MA then holds onto one of the Praelector’s fingers (weird I know!) whilst he presents us (in Latin) to our college Master. Then one by one as our name is called out, we kneel down in front of the Master who is wearing a brilliant red and white robe (a bit like Father Christmas!) and we hold out our hands as if we are praying. The Master then clasps his hands around our hands, says something else in Latin. Finally we stand up, bow to the Master, and then you’re done and can pick up your MA certificate on the way out. You’ve got to love our ancient bizarre traditions!

Graduation certificate

It was snowing even harder when we came back so we all trooped back to college; some of us using our hoods to great effect and wrapping them round our heads, rather than just letting them hang down our backs. The furry hoods are actually very warm!

graduation in the snow

Once we were back in college we all went into the Master’s Lodge for afternoon tea of little sandwiches, scones and cakes. Yum yum!

Graduation with hood

We also took a sneaky peak into our formal hall to see how they were getting it ready for dinner!

Trinity Hall dinner 3

Trinity Hall Formal Hall

Later on in the evening, it was finally time to get ready for dinner. We started off with Champagne in the Master’s Lodge.


Then it was time for dinner!



I went in with every intention of photographing every course, but then the wine began…and I kinda forgot!


So I’ve only got a few sporadic snaps of the food. To start off with, here was the delicious menu.

Trinity Hall graduation menu

First course was Crab and Mango Salad with Sweet Chilli Dressing. The crab was a lovely texture and the dressing was absolutely divine.


Next up was the Creamy Celeriac Soup with Smoked Duck. This did seem like a little bit of an odd combination of flavours and textures, and whilst both the soup and the duck were delicious, I found it rather odd to have soup with little bits of duck in!


Next up was the Venison Wellington with Sweet Potato Dauphinoise, Creamed Caramelised Cauliflower and Pickled Red Cabbage. It was essentially like a posh version of pie, mash and veg! The venison was gorgeous.


Then for dessert we had a scrumptious Chocolate and Whisky Tart. Yum yum yum!


After port and speeches we headed into the college bar to continue the partying!


We had a fabulous night!

When we woke up the next morning all of the snow had settled so the city looked even more beautiful than it does already. In tomorrow’s post I’ll share my photos from the morning.

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